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Exhibitions 2005

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"Interpreting The Masters  "   20th March - 4th May 2005

    with guest artist Rachel Stainsby.

Rachel’s love of the cinema and literature influence her narrative work. Often integrating text into depictions of the Human form, her work is lyrical and colourful, with movement and sensuality. In this exhibition, Rachel and other national artists will present works based on their interpretation of the masters. The exhibition includes paintings, sculpture and ceramics, all of which are for sale.


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" Beauty in Age"  7th May - 22 June 2005

            with guest artist Adele Howitt.

Adele, a ceramic artist and photographer has exhibited throughout England. Her unusual ceramic work based on the aging of the coastline in East Yorkshire’s Holdeness Plane is augmented by surreal photographic images. Other national artists selling painting, sculpture and ceramics related to this interesting theme will support her.



" Getting Your Teeth into Scarborough

                          25 June - 17 Aug 2005

           guest artist Colin Slater

Peterborough Artists Colin Slater was invited to look at Scarborough in a way that perhaps a local artist would not. He scoured the town for many days with sketchbook in hand and has produced a wonderful pictorial display of the Town.


"Music to My Ears 20 Aug - 12 Oct 2005

     with guest artist Mark Hebblewhite

Marks bright acrylic pictures capture a certain era, when music combined with fashion was an integral part of everyday life. While Marks work is figurative other artists in the exhibition have other interpretations of what is music to their ears. Once again paintings, sculpture and ceramics can be purchased from the exhibition.


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