Contemporary  Fine Art  - Painting  Sculpture  Pottery Ceramics from many artists

UNFORTUNATELY special 2020 exhibitions are cancelled due to Covid 19.

Current Display

Artists  run gallery and studio

Opening Exhibition March 2021 Potter John Egerton at 80

Some of Johns work over the last 20 years. Many new works to come in 2021



Second Exhibition 2021 Stephen Stott


Gallery Potters

John Egerton, Jill Christie, George Ormeron,Nick Williams, Kit Hemsley, Elizabeth Bailey, Steve Tootell, Janice Whitby, Alan Ball, Ank de Roo, Nichola Hanman, Norman Brown,Fumi Fuyushiba, Ken Taylor, Laura Hancock, Catherine boygne-Whitelegg, Terence Bunce,Andrew Harding

Gallery Wearables Margaret Jackson

Resident artist

Shirley Sheppard

Sculptor & Painter








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Blands Cliff Street Murals....


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Wed-Fri 12pm - 5pm Sat 11:30 - 5pm. Most Sundays and public holidays

   9 Blands Cliff, Scarborough North Yorkshire, England  

 (+44) 01723 367252, 07812997957


Selling paintings sculpture ceramics from a variety of national and international artists.

An interesting friendly art gallery in the mural painted, cobbled street near the sea front, south bay, Scarborough North Yorkshire.

Excellent prices with high quality rotating exhibitions