Shirley Sheppard Painter and Sculptor from blandscliff Gallery/Studio in Scarborough North Yorkshire England

Shirley   Sheppard

My sculpture and painting mainly have as their roots the human body  -  its  experiences feelings and above all its movements. My work has moved away from total realism to a portrayal of what a movement feels like. 

My sculpture is often fired in large wood fired kilns or smoked which gives them an eternal quality, having existed forever, yet they are modern in their design. They visibly show the fire in which they have been produced. These figures are often intentionally broken, fired and then mended to emphasise the fragility of both the person and the clay.

While my sculptures are generally unglazed, as a painter I am a colourist.   Sculpture is to be touched, felt and for me colour distracts from that. A painting on the other hand is to be looked at and I want colour to excite and  sooth, to give the canvas life.


·         2007        Oxo Tower London, England

·         2007        Delamore Arts, Plymouth, England

·         2007        Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, England 

·         2007        blandscliff Gallery, Scarborough

·         2006        Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, England

·         2006        Bolton Museum and Art Gallery,Bolton, England

·         2005        Oxo Tower London

·         2005        Solo Gallery Edinburgh

·         2005        Artspace 2005, Worcester, England

·         2004

·         2004        Grossmont Gallery, Glaisdale, North Yorkshire

·         2004        Two Yorkshire Artists “,Chelsea and Westminster Hospital London

·         2004        Three Man Show, Design Centre Leeds

·         2004        blandscliff Gallery, Scarborough

·         2003        Open Exhibition  Ferens Art Gallery Hull England

·         2002        Sole Exhibition  Unterühldingen Germany

·         2002        Winter Exhibition  Ferens Art Gallery Hull England

·         2001        Kings Manor York England

·         2001        University of York Scarborough England

·         2000        Winter Exhibition  Ferens Art Gallery Hull England

·         1999        Weinachtsaustellungen GZH Friedrichshafen Germany

·         1996        Sole exhibition Steinplatte bistro Nürnberg Germany

·         1996        Weinachtsaustellungen GZH  Friedrichshafen Germany

·         1995       Sole exhibition Deltahaus Leinfelden  Stuttgart Germany

·         1994        Sole exhibition Dornier Gmbh  Immenstaad Germany

·         1993        Sole exhibition Dornier Gmbh  Immenstaad Germany

·         1992         Sole exhibition Atelier Auf Dem Land  Friedrichs., Germany

                                blandscliff gallery

                               9 Blands Cliff



   60                         YO11 1NR