blandscliff Gallery and Studio - Exhibition: Paintings June Emerson and Northern Potters

"Water + Colour" - Shirley Sheppard

Potters - John Egerton, Jill Christie, George Ormeron,Nick Williams, Victoria Leeks, Elizabeth Bailey, Steve Tootell, Janice Whitby, Alan Ball, Ank de Roo, Nichola Hanman, Norman Brown,Pratima Kramer,Clive Weake, Fumi Fuyushiba.

12th Sep - 4th Nov (plus some weekends till Christmas)


Shirley Sheppard prices £45 - £180

My passion for using watercolours  is in its purity and clarity and the spontaneous way in which I have learnt over the years, to use them. This series began with an exploration of the Western Australian Salt Sea landscape as seen from above, that quickly developed into an exploration of colour and shapes originating from this.


works 60 x 50 cm



works approx 15 x 15 cm



Alan Ball - some of the work available



Shirley Sheppard some of the sculptures







Andrew Harding- some of the work available




Fumi Fuyushiba- some of the work available

John Egerton - some of the work available








Jill Christie- some of the work available

Phil Arthur


Rob sutherland

Steve Tootell

Margaret Jackson


Janice Whitby

Nick Williams

Elizabeth Bailey - some of the work available






Ken Taylor


Carl Gray

Nichola Hanman

Norman Brown

Ank de Roo  

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