blandscliff Gallery and Studio - Exhibition: Paintings June Emerson and Northern Potters


"Pictures from my Life" - Andrea Bailey

Potters - John Egerton, Jill Christie, George Ormeron, Jim Faulkner, Victoria Leeks, Elizabeth Bailey, Steve Tootell, Janice Whitby, Alan Ball, Eric Moss,Ank de Roo, Janice Whitby,Norman Brown,Pratima Kramer,Clive Weake.

18th August - 31st October


Andrea Bailey Prices £120 - £450

Andrea in front of her works

Andrea,Shirley Sheppard her daughter Elizabeth, Heather Stoney.

Andrea lives on her small holding on the edge of the Moors in a rambling house with among other things her rabbit, chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. She draws her inspiration from these and her surroundings, working outside or in her kitchen or studio her passion is for capturing the essence of the moment.

She spent two years doing live drawing with a graduate of the Slade and eventually went to London staying with a maiden aunt, to attend the Chelsea College of Art studying illustration. As part of this she spent a year in Paris where the strong emphasis on Live Drawing once again emphasized her continued
“basis for balance, flow and line”, a skill which she still practices to this day.

Andreas work shows this strong combination of drawing skills, developed over years of practice and this freedom of expression in painting. These combined with her intense observational skills, leads to a vibrant exciting body of work which we are honoured to display in this gallery.

On the 11th of October Andrea turns 90.


Two Cockrals and a coffee pot (V.large)

The Duck and Bottle (medium)

Matilda with Apples (medium)


Three friends (medium)

Courtship (medium)

Douthwaite Dale (medium)


Cat drawing 2 (medium)

Chicken in the Goose patch (medium)

Cat drawing 1 (medium)


Husband and Wife (V.large)

The quails egg (medium)

Duck with Ducklings (large)



Matilda with Tulips (medium)

Who me? (medium)

Red Ducks (small)

Sitting Duck (small)

The wrong side of the fence (medium)


The white bench (large)

Top Cock (medium)

Pine Tree (large)


Bright Ducks (small)

After Courtship (small)

Man and woman (medium)

John Egerton











Jill Christie



Alan Ball


Norman Brown

Janice Whitby

Ank de Roo

Pratima Kramer

Jim Faulkner

Eric Moss

Elizabeth Bailey


Sam Cooke


Shirley Sheppard - Sculptures




Maureen Smith

George Ormerod

Felted Works by Felt West Australia



Victoria Leeks









Steve Stootell  

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