EAst Meets West 3
"East meets West 3" - Edward Foster


20th August - 18th October


Inside the gallery

Edward Foster - Oils on Canvas. 300 - 980



The Sign of Summer   

Evensong Rebirth Golden Path
    Fusion  Green Man Harmony in Blue  
Symbiotic Harmony in Green Mother and Child

Birds of Paradise  

Elizabeth Neylan

Marmaris Bay East West 2009 Turkish river mouth

Luxor Tunisia Hammermat Forty Thieves

Shirley Sheppard Printing  15 - 50

Marriane von Tucka

Chi I Wu

Flower of the Desert

ceramic  ht 

Blue bowl

ceramic  d 23cm 


Blue bowl

ceramic  d 16cm 


ceramic  ht 16cm 


ceramic  ht 16cm 

John Egerton




Jill Christie




Linda Bulleyment

Wood fired Ceramics


More works can be seen at the Gallery  - Commissions taken



 blandscliff gallery

 9 Blands Cliff

 Scarborough, England 

 YO11 1NR