blandscliff Gallery and Studio - Exhibition: Paintings June Emerson and Northern Potters

"Textures in the landscape"

Lee Jenkinson

Potters - John Egerton, Jill Christie, George Ormeron, Jim Faulkner, Victoria Leeks, Elizabeth Bailey, Steve Tootell, Janice Whitby, Alan Ball, Eric Moss,Ank de Roo, Janice Whitby,Norman Brown,Pratima Kramer,Clive Weake.

7th June - 16th August


Lee Jenkinson Prices £70 - £700


My work at present primarily focusses on technique and the process of painting as opposed to being subject driven.  The majority of the paintings exhibited are not accurate detailed representations of a specific location,    but more of a record of my experience and feelings from visiting a place.

The works were produced gradually, in quite an organic manner, mirroring the subject matter.  I worked layer over layer of different materials and techniques, each layer a reaction to the previous one, and as the painting grew it would begin to suggest a form or composition which I could develop.







John Egerton











Jill Christie



Alan Ball


Norman Brown

Janice Whitby

Ank de Roo

Pratima Kramer

Jim Faulkner

Eric Moss

Elizabeth Bailey


Sam Cooke


Shirley Sheppard - Sculptures




Maureen Smith

George Ormerod

Felted Works by Felt West Australia



Victoria Leeks









Steve Stootell  

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