blandscliff Gallery and Studio - Exhibition: Paintings June Emerson and Northern Potters

"Happiness is a Beach"  

guest Painter - Lee Jenkinson          

18th June - 31st August


Exhibition opening 

The gallery has a wide range of

 pottery, sculpture, paintings

some of which are shown below

Lee Jenkinson

Sandcastles     Oil on canvas      52cmx81cm 280

Wet North Bay  Oil on canvas 86cmx66cm 250 Sold

View over Cayton  Oil on canvas 61cmx46cm  180

Donkey portraits Oil on board 48cmx58cm 180

Gramps  Acrylic on canvas 91cmx91cm  300

Sisters  Acrylic on canvas 91cmx91cm 300

Granny  Acrylic on canvas 91cmx91cm 300

Scottish Isle  Mixed media on board  82cmx61cm  180

Scottish coast  Mixed media on board  53cmx43cm  160

Scottish beach  Mixed media on board  53cmx43cm  160


Contented  Acrylic on board 41cmx53cm  90

Catching Rays  Acrylic on canvas 43cmx53cm  90

Distraught  Acrylic on board 43cmx53cmm 90

Filey Brigg  Mixed media on paper 48cmx58cm 110  Sold

Bempton Cliffs Mixed media on paper 48cmx58cm 110  Sold


Kite Flying  Acrylic on paper 33cmx43cm  50

Sunny South Bay Oil on Canvas 50cmx41cm  180

South bay to Cornelian  Oil on woodblock 20cmx20cm 50 Sold

Early Morning Light  Oil on board 38cmx36cm  120

Donkeys  Oil on board  61cmx50cm  200

Chris Flinton

Boats and Floats 1 Acrylic and Pen on Canvas 110

Boats and Floats 2 Acrylic and Pen on Canvas 110

Nets and Floats 1 Pastel on paper 250

Nets and Floats 2 Pastel on paper 250

Bill Reed

Reflections Oil on Canvas 180 South Bay Oil on Canvas 180 Wave  2  Oil on Canvas 180

Elizabeth Neylan

Sun seekers Oil on Canvas 210 Cove Oil on Canvas 150

Shirley Sheppard

Down to the beach watercolour on paper 60


Winter Harbour watercolour on paper 60

Potofino Italy watercolour on paper 110

Shirley Sheppard  Selection of drawings live from Scarborough 2009 Jazz Festival 

To catch the mood and expressions of a performer one needs to be there and draw from live, especially during a performance.

These few lines drawn at the time are never altered, each shows the passion of an artist

52 each 

Selection of printmaking

Sculpture in the gallery





Mandy Long

John Egerton



Margaret Lawrence


Marriane von Tucka


Barbara Wood

Liz Bailey S.Chinnery, Felted scarves

Linda Bulleyment

Anne Rodgers

Anne Rodgers

Brain Holland - raku


Brian Holland - Anagama


Chi I Wu

Flower of the Desert

ceramic  ht 

Blue bowl

ceramic  d 23cm 


Green bowls

ceramic  d 16cm 

Jill Christie





Wood fired Ceramics


More works can be seen at the Gallery  - Commissions taken  

 blandscliff gallery

 9 Blands Cliff

 Scarborough, England 

 YO11 1NR