blandscliff Gallery and Studio - Exhibition: Lino Cuts Mike Absalom and Northern Potters
"Portrait of ...."

                  16th June - 12th August 2007

Janine Baldwin - Guest artist

"Portrait of a bay"


'Cornelian Bay Study',

oil and oil pastel on paper, 40x30cm



'Elements Study',

oil pastel, watercolour& charcoal on paper, 40cmx30cm

'Pebbles and Rocks at Jackson's Bay', oil on canvas, 127x73cm


'Shallow Waters', oil and oil pastel, 40x28cm

'Beach Composition II',

oil and chinamarker on paper, 32x21cm

'Cliff-face III', charcoal on paper, 40x30cm

Cliff-face I,

charcoal on paper,40cmx30cm


oil on canvas,61x61cm

'Moonlit Bay', oil on canvas, 34cmx30cm 


'Rise and Fall', oil on canvas, 73x65cm

'Seaward', oil on canvas,         126 x 72cm

'Strata II', oil on canvas, 61x61cm

'Tide Coming In I',

oil on canvas,47x47cm

'Tide Coming In II',

oil on canvas, 47x47cm

'Nightfall on the Bay',                oil on canvas, 50x50cm


'Beach Composition III',

 oil and china marker on paper, 32x19cm

Beach Composition,oil on paper, 32cmx19cm

'Cliff-face II', charcoal on paper, 40x30cm

'Elements', oil on canvas, 83x61cm

"The beautiful coastline of Scarborough and its surrounding areas has been integral to my work as an artist for some time now. It offers an endless variation of light and mood with each day, not to mention season.

 My ‘portrait’ of the local bays expresses something of the physical sensory experience they offer – sight, sound and touch. South Bay and Cornelian Bay with their strong seaweed greens are forever imprinted on my memory. Jackson’s Bay presents a craggy and stark series of lines and shapes which appear again and again in my work. 

The vibrant, semi-abstract paintings and sketches in this exhibition evoke memories of the sea and shore which are personal to each viewer. A bold vertical line may remind one of an imposing cliff-face, a round shape may recall pebbles smoothed by the waves – each interpretation is unique."

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Francis Norton

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