blandscliff Gallery and Studio - Exhibition: Paintings June Emerson and Northern Potters

"Glenn Humphrey" - The power of the line

Potters - John Egerton, Jill Christie, George Ormeron,Nick Williams, Victoria Leeks, Elizabeth Bailey, Steve Tootell, Janice Whitby, Alan Ball, Ank de Roo, Nichola Hanman, Norman Brown,Pratima Kramer,Clive Weake, Fumi Fuyushiba.

1st April - 8th July

Exhibition opening and gallery

Glenn Humphrey prices 400 - 1,200












Shirley Sheppard music in clay- hand drawn from original sketches onto porcelain then wood fired

Sally Gatie

Fumi Fuyushiba

John Egerton - some of the work available








Alan Ball - some of the work available






Jill Christie- some of the work available

Phil Arthur


Rob sutherland

Steve Tootell

Margaret Jackson


Janice Whitby

Nick Williams

Elizabeth Bailey - some of the work available






Ken Taylor


Carl Gray

Nichola Hanman

Norman Brown

Ank de Roo

Shirley Sheppard some of the sculptures


 blandscliff gallery

 9 Blands Cliff

 Scarborough, England 

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