blandscliff Gallery and Studio - Exhibition: Paintings June Emerson and Northern Potters


"On My Travels"

Guest Artists :    Shirley Sheppard, John Egerton, Jill Christie

Other Artists: George Ormerond, Jim Faulkner, Victoria Leeks, Laura Hancock, Steve Booton, Alan Ball, Francis Lee, Felt west

3rd April - 15th June


exhibition opening by Lady Ayckbourn


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Shirley Sheppard - Australia and The Emirates










John Egerton - Emirates, Australia and China











Jill Christie - Teapots frpm China



Alan Ball


Janice Whitby

David Warren

Jim Faulkner

Elizabeth Bailey


Sam Cooke


Shirley Sheppard - Sculptures




Maureen Smith

Jill Christie

George Ormerod

Felted Works by Felt West Australia



Francis Lee



Laura Hancock


Victoria Leeks




Steve Booton

Nigel Carrick  

 blandscliff gallery

 9 Blands Cliff

 Scarborough, England 

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